Friday, July 15, 2011

Still Dreaming of Sunshine

I am so in need of some summer weather. Our heater kicked on this morning. The thermostat is set low so I am always cold in the winter, (I love wearing sweaters) but it's the middle of July. sigh.

At least this lovely overcast weather (when it's not raining )is good for taking pictures of the garden...just remember to wear your sweater.

 This was a couple of weeks ago... I LOVE foxglove and encourage them to grow all over the yard.

The honeysuckle was lovely this year. Did you see the picture of the hummingbird who visited me while I was taking this photo?

The Japanese Iris were also lovely this year.

Today the scented germanium is beginning to bloom. It's in a pot in the corner of the deck.

And these lovely deep red nasturtiums are doing nicely. A bit of warm weather and they may actually start growing a bit more and trailing. Maybe. Hope springs eternal!

Footnote... we grow a LOT in pots or raised beds. The ground is just too soggy. And cold. :)

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artworks_studio said...

YOu want some summer weather you come visit me in Iowa in July or August. Today we have a heat index of 115. Yes I said 115! I love my summer weather but when your thighs stick together and you have to keep the baby powder handy to keep your boobs from permanentle sticking to your belly it's too hot!

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