Wednesday, July 27, 2011

30 Days - July 27

I'm working on a project themed on my favorite bee balm. Have I mentioned I just love that flower? Today I made a few sketches, and started playing with oil pastels. not sure if this is how I'm going to create what I have in mind, though...

This is the best sketch... if I keep practicing, I'll get better. So they say. :)

And is the best oil pastel sketch of the bunch. I sucketh at them thus far, however see improvement as I keep working on it. I want a bit of an abstract look to the end product.

And this is the photo I used as my model.

I've just realized we have only three more days in our 30 Day Challenge. The month has flown by! This has been a fun experiment, as I've done separate art for this challenge and for the Project 365 2011 I'm doing this year. I have engrained the art habit in myself doing art every day, and I plan to keep it up. A little bit of art a day, helps keep the doldrums at bay. Ha!  :)

See what the other 30 Day Challenge artists are doing here.

1 comment:

Jenny Schouten Short said...

Discipline is what an artist needs. You've done great! xo Jenny

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