Thursday, December 4, 2014

Flowing Colors

Playing with a technique for a demo I did yesterday at Stampadoodle and the Paper Cafe. It was based on the article in the Sept/Oct 2014 Somerset Studio by Mary Beth Shaw - The Art of Pour. 

So.... mine did not come out quite like hers did at all. Part of that is because I didn't have fluid acrylic paint, so used acrylic ink and reinkers. I didn't have birch panels so used canvas panels. I did have GAC100 polymer medium, and also tried liquid matte medium, which worked alright... just not the same. :)
You see, my goal was to try to do the technique WITHOUT buying anything new. 

Always a challenge when improvising! In any case, it was fun, and messy, and we had a good time playing with it at the demo. 

 This is using GAC 100 and acrylic inks. Do you see the tiny heart that appeared? 

Using liquid matte medium and reinkers

 Using matte medium and acrylic inks

This is an offprint from a matte medium and reinker attempt. We (I) didn't like how it was going, and this smooshed print made us happy. 

Playing with reinkers dripped on water color paper, sprayed with water and tilted. 

We had a good time making a mess. At least I was entertaining.

I'll keep playing with the technique to see if I can get some similar to those in the article. Art is always an adventure! 

It's been a few weeks, however I'm checking in with the folks at Paint Party Friday to see what they have been creating.  

Monday, November 24, 2014

Artificial Urgency

In the midst of all the rushing about, take time for the little things.  

Annas Hummingbird in snowy tree

"There is what I call an "artificial urgency" that can screw up our lives, if we let it.
Social commitments, work deadlines, spouses, kids, parents...all of that daily maintenance that life doesn't feel artificial, it feels REAL.
Radical hospitality starts within - you gotta be ok with being ok with yourself. 
Respect yourself enough to step away. 
Set priorities and boundaries that work for you and your family and let the rest go. 
As much as possible, optimize the things that energize, minimize the things that drain. 
And persevere."
Wise words from Jane Somerton (aka my big sister)

Thursday, November 13, 2014

One down, one to go...

We're set up for the opening of the Holiday Festival of the Arts tomorrow, and I'm pooped. The show runs from November 14th through December 24th.
It's interesting how the set up works one way  at home in the "trial run" and another when actually setting up on location. :)

Here's a shot of the booth, which will morph after the show next weekend when more goodies will be moved over. Unless of course, I sell out next weekend. Ha!
And since I've been so busy getting ready for the two shows, I haven't done any regular artwork. Well, I guess I've worked on some ornaments, but it's too dark to get a photo now. I'll try to remember to do it tomorrow for posterity.

Happy Friday!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Holiday Festival of the Arts opens Friday!

The Holiday Festival of the Arts opens this coming Friday, November 14th and runs through December 24th!
We set up on Wednesday... and I'm nearly ready, but it's interesting the little things you realize aren't quite ready as you do the final set up run through. :)

If you're in the area, do stop by! You'll find a variety of art, both original and prints, greeting cards and ornaments in our booth and many lovely local artisans work to browse.

Happy Monday!
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