Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Artfest... on the way

Doing last minute wondering about what I could make/take for a house trade, late the night before leaving, (we stay in Officers Housing at Fort Worden - #15 and like to have something special for those staying there)  it occurred to me that I had some tiara's leftover. (from what, you may wonder, but that's another story) Perfect!

Julie put one on immediately, and wore it throughout the weekend. Mine did not go on until we were driving along the way, listening to the CD Julie created for her House gift. On the ferry we were busy snapping pictures and an older gentleman asked if the princesses (or was it princessi) would like their picture taken. So of course, we said yes!

We also made sure to get our "on-the-way-to-Artfest" traveling feet.

We were snuggled right up to the rope keeping us from the edge so we could get the webbing from the net in the picture.

More of our adventures to follow.... :)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Heeding Your Instincts

I find it interesting that the universe gives answers even as we're asking the questions... 

Excepted from my March 18 horoscope.

We gain a greater modicum of control over our own destinies when we willingly heed the guidance of our intuitive minds. Since we understand that our instincts are one aspect of the deeper wisdom we possess in our souls, we can feel secure in the decisions we make based on our gut feelings. The unadulterated knowledge that comes from within is a pure reflection of our wants and needs. It frees us from the conflicted messages of outside influences and makes us more apt to do what we subconsciously know is right for us. When we trust ourselves to make good choices, we need never second-guess ourselves or question our competency where decisions are concerned. You will feel confident and capable of positively influencing your destiny today when you look within for direction.

Friday, March 12, 2010

New Zealand Traveler

Jason is home from his New Zealand trip! One of his highlights was visiting Hobbiton... and Bilbo Baggins home... minus the movie props. 
One of his co-travelers took his picture at the tree where Bilbo disappeared during his birthday party... Jason disappeared just the same! :) 

Now you see him... 

Now he's gone... 

He also spent time along the coast...

And toured the New Zealand version of the Space Needle... apparently if you are of a mind, you can bungie jump from the top. eek!

I want to go with him next time. :)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Once upon a time...

Once upon a time a time crunched artist heading for Artfest could not make the idea she envisioned work... so fell back to her old standby, collaging with napkins. Here is a sampling of my bird pins for Artfest trades...

It's a gray day, and there's not enough light so the picture is not true to color. bleh! 

Created using vintage sheet music crumpled and tinted with distress inks, layered with napkin images and words, edged with stazon ink and sealed with soft gloss gel medium.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Evergreen Clematis

Given to me by good friends, in memory of my daughter. Isn't it lovely?


I have art projects to finish, and no desire to do them. My muse is tired and needs a re-charge... soon, soon....

Hubby attended a seed planting class at our favorite Garden Spot yesterday morning while I went to work. He learned great tips on what to do to get the best germination and how to best transplant. He bought more seeds that now need planting and spent his day yesterday out in the sunshine, working the gardens and adding in compost to the beds. Lucky boy!

I feel like my muse is a seed still in the ground, awaiting the earth to warm a bit more before she comes out and shows me what she'll grow into this year... soon, soon....

Wood duck house for rent

Wood ducks checked out the nesting house this morning. Johnny has had it ready for them for a few weeks, mounted this time on a post next to our little stream rather than back by the pond. Fingers crossed that we have nesters again this year.

The flickers also checked it out, although they have their own specially built house.

By the way, the bird on the tree is not a flicker, it's my hubby's sense of humor. :D
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