Saturday, July 30, 2011

30 Days - July 30: Hearts

Today was delightfully sunny and mostly warm, as the day wore on. Unfortunately, the pleasant breeze has blown in clouds, and they are predicting "scattered showers" tomorrow. I enjoyed it while it lasted.

I spent a bit of time this morning gluing my painted papers to chipboard, and after running errands, stopped by the local craft store to use the diecut machine. These are what I'm working on... a bunch of hearts. They will be used for a purpose undisclosed at this time. *wink*  I spent time "inking" the edges this afternoon, and started applying Glossy Accents.

This is the 30th day of Get Your Art On!  I made it through, and am actually a bit relieved I only have one art blog to keep up each day. I am most grateful to have had an "excuse" to do more art each and every day and have set a firm habit, I believe. Doing art  is a relaxing thing for me,and I will continue to create at will.

Congrats to all the 30 Day Challengers! I hope you all continue to Get Your Art On as often as possible!


1 comment:

Cheryl said...

Wow!These are a must-have in my collection item. I sincerely hope you save one for me. Hint-hint.:)

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