Friday, July 15, 2011

30 Days - July 15 - Truth

I'm working on this journal page... Truth.

I've found most people don't want to hear my truth... and they don't "hear" it even if I speak it. They only hear what they want to hear. Which is their truth. Not mine.
My truth is behind the curtain... waiting to be "heard".

It's important to be true to myself, regardless what others think. In spite of what others think. Truth to self.

And that is the basis of this page, which is a work in progress. 

See what others are doing in the 30 day challenge here.


Ann Krake said...

I want to peek through the window!

Congratulations on your half-way mark!

Lindart said...

I love this journal page! And shouldn't we all believe in our own truths, rather than be swayed by other people's truths.

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