Sunday, July 10, 2011

30 Days - July 10

I spent the afternoon with our local art group. We gather to share what we're working on, and usually do an art "project" or learn a technique.  Today we created mono-prints. Messy and fun! The technique is to randomly squirt some cheap acrylic paints on a large piece of freezer paper. The paint needs to be "runny", so if you only have good paint, water it down. Three colors are recommended. Once the paint is in whatever pattern on the freezer paper, take a piece of white or cream cardstock, and lay it on the paint, press with your fingers, and peel off...  You'll get something like this: 

Then you can place another piece of cardstock over the top of your "peeled" cardstock, and create a nearly mirror image. While the paint is wet, you can add a little bit (or a lot) of fine glitter. Move your papers to a piece of newsprint to dry. And keep going. We did 10-ish sheets this way.

The freezer paper itself becomes a very colorful background too! 

The next step in the demo was to add some watercolor to the "white" sections, which I'll play with a bit later tonight, perhaps. Then using a glaze pen (because it's shiny), outline some of the patterns.

Our demonstrator, Cheryl, cuts them up to use in her collage paintings or for ATC's or on greeting cards. For a mixed media artist, the possibilities are endless... :)

The 30 Day Get your Art on challenge is hosted by Traci Bunkers.

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