Saturday, December 19, 2009


Decorating the Christmas tree with John and Jason… it’s a cute little tree. Picture to follow soon... John ventured forth today while I was at work, and found a perfect Charlie Brown tree. And it’s a noble fir too. We’re doing a bird theme this year, with some funky things Jason wants to include. :) He’s feeling happy tonight. I love it when he's smiling. It’s a good thing.  

Coming across a box of Jen’s childhood ornaments brought me to tears. I gave both my children an ornament a year, even as adults, something that reflected their interests or an accomplishment in their lives. I wonder what happened to the ornaments I gave her. I think of things like that every so often. They are only things. They won’t bring her back. Why do I attach meaning to them? It’s a mystery.

I just want her to be with us, here in real life here. I know she’s here in spirit. I can feel her. I want more. sigh

And I know all is as it should be. 

 Little secret... I’m wearing my reindeer antlers as I’m typing. Isn’t that the silliest? :)

Thursday, December 3, 2009


The sun beginning it's rise was beautiful this cold crisp morning. There is something special about being up and discovering such vibrant color at the beginning of the day, with a cup of tea to keep you warm.
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