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 Oil Pastel and Walnut Ink
(This technique is from a swap hosted by my friend Joss on atcsforall.com.)
(posted 3.2.2011)

What you need: 
Lightweight paper that can be scrunched up easily (copy or printer paper)
Oil pastels - make sure they are NOT water soluble
Walnut ink or other non-permanent liquid ink
Iron (your household iron)
Newsprint or newspaper pages
Rubber gloves to protect your manicure during the inky steps

What you do:

Draw and color heavily on lightweight paper (copy machine paper) with oil pastel crayons.
Crinkle paper up in your fist, then smooth out.
Spray or brush walnut ink (or any other non-permanent liquid ink) over the entire picture. Let dry.
Lay paper in sink and run tap water over to rinse off the ink, gently using your fingers or a soft brush.
Careful! Paper is thin and tears easily.
Pat dry, place between two sheets of newspaper (other papers may stick to your drawing) and using iron dry for 6-8 seconds. It dries quickly. Some of the oil pastel will stick to the paper, peel off carefully.
The ink seeps into the cracks and the oil pastels melt and blend and it turns out really cool!
You'll need to glue the paper on a heavier backing.

Note that some folks got stamp pads to work, but I could not get the entire drawing covered with the stamp pads I have... and didn't want to rub them in the oil pastels.

Have fun playing!

Original post is here: http://hhcampbell.blogspot.com/2011/03/oil-pastels.html

GOTHIC ARCH - my favorite shape

Here are two solutions if you can't get it to print out exactly 4x6... 

Right click on the picture, Copy and Paste into a word document, right click and Format Picture, click on Size tab, change height to 6.1 which should change width to 4.06. Then print your document. 

If that won't work for you... try this: 
Measure a lightweight paper to 4 x 6, fold in half LENGTHWISE, and use the “template” as a guide to create your arch. The “arch” part starts at 3 inches and curves up to the middle. Cut it out and use it for your template. 

Have fun!  

Coffin Candy Holder 

Size this to print out as an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper, and it should fit a kit kat or similar candy bar. This makes a great party favor.

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