Sunday, July 24, 2011

30 Days - July 24

It was a lovely sunny warm day. The thermometer outside my window showed 79 degrees! And it feels like it. I played outside in the sun most of the day. A bit later this afternoon I took my art outside on the patio, and worked on this journal page:

Not the best picture, but I took it outside at the table because I could! Ha! While I was out wandering the garden, with camera still in my pocket, a trio of hummingbirds starting playing in the garden. I love to watch them chase each other around as if playing tag, chitting to each other just like they are talking. One stopped long enough to attempt pictures...

Can you find him?

We re-did this side of the yard, covering (we hope) the invasive buttercup and horsetail. This raised bed was put in to hold some of my herb garden. We have a few more things in there... including the tall bee balm. I just love bee balm! And so do the hummingbirds.
Some of the plants we moved are now in pots along the fence where they will be planted this fall.

It's still delightfully warm; I think summer may have finally arrived here in the Pacific Northwest. And now I need to go assemble the taco salad for dinner. Enjoy your evening!

1 comment:

Jenny Schouten Short said...

Yes, I found the adorable little thing. Wish we had hummingbirds in Holland. Nice post. xo Jenny

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