Monday, July 4, 2011

30 Days - July 4 Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Fourth of July! And I am happy! I've spent most of the day out on the patio in WARM weather, although we just HAD to shop this morning at our local Garden Spot Nursery for potting soil and, because they were 25% off, a few plants. And they had brownies too! I love that place. The people know us and always make us feel welcome. :)

This is what I worked on for a bit this afternoon... (did I mention on the patio in WARM weather?)
I added the stems and flowers and leaves. Flowers are outlined with water soluble oil pastels, smushed around, and the leaves are cutouts outlined with Stabilo pencil.

It's looking happier to me. I'll be working a bit more on this... it's supposed to be a journal page so I think I need to write something. *wink*

However right now I smell the salmon on the BBQ, and want to go have a glass of wine with my hubby.

Happy Fourth of July!


Sandra said...

Way to go! I know what you mean about getting out to enjoy the good weather with speical friends and family. That's the beauty of an art journal it is portable and with today's technology you can take a photo of your work to share with your phone and upload to your blog. God bless American all the freedoms we have to express ourselves. Love the soft look you achieved through the use of the water soluble oil pastels - they're next on my list of supplies to purchase. Smushing sounds like fun;-)

Marjorie Florestal said...

Fabulous Helen - just looking at it makes me happy. And I'm so impressed you managed to work on this AND enjoy 4th of July festivities.

Lindart said...

Love it! A very happy page!

Barbara Hagerty said...

Those are happy pages! And I love how you've softened the fower edges with pastel.

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