Sunday, November 22, 2009

Presenting the Future

Your ability to see the future that you want for yourself could motivate you to pay attention today to what you are creating in the present moment. You may find yourself focused on what you can do now to achieve your goals. Today would be the perfect opportunity to see whether your choices and actions could help you create the life that you want. You may want to stop wasting your time on activities that do not serve your higher or long-term objectives. This discipline and focus could allow you to prioritize your time so that all that you do can serve the big picture of your life. It may also give you the courage to say no to tasks or activities you don’t want to do but feel obliged to attend to. 

Serve your vision, and you will serve your life purpose. 

Daily Om Horoscope

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Birds at the feeder

I'm sitting here working on a flyer for a project... and watching the birds come to the suet feeder outside the window. In the last half hour here's what I've seen:

My favorite black capped chickadee. I adore chickadees. I had fun watching the parents bring the babies to learn how to feed this summer, and just love seeing them about the yard all year.

A flock of bushtits. They are so cute! They were sitting in the weeping beech tree and one came over to check it out. Flew back and they all came over to crowd around. There were seven on the feeder at once. It's an upside down feeder, designed to keep the starlings away, and there's only one side for them to cling. They come through occasionally, so it's fun when I'm at the window to catch their antics.

Ruby crowned kinglet was here yesterday too. I couldn't figure out what he was without going to the bird book, and John knew by my description. (Isn't he amazing?)

Juncos are all over the yard this time of year, hopping around the deck and planters and right up to the window. I don't see them often at the suet feeder so it was a treat this morning.

Note the pictures are borrowed from The Cornell Lab of Ornithology - All about Birds

Monday, November 9, 2009

Traveling Feet

Seattle Hotel on Art weekend Nov 6. In the background you'll note a picture for my point and shoot journal pages (on the theme of journey) and books I brought to share. Julie and I worked on our pages together, and also met with some of our online art friends during the weekend.

Riding in Motorhome Nov 1 on my camping weekend with John.

Did I mention that one of our photo assignments is to get pictures of your traveling feet?

Thursday, November 5, 2009

A bit of recent art

Created for the traveling journal I had during the month of October... theme was the moon.

A couple of Owls created during a collage-a-thon weekend. Background is papers and tissue layered with gel medium, dress pattern over the top, stamped images, acrylic glaze, poster paint pens. It's a fun technique I learned some time ago from my friend Betsey.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Camping again

Spent a couple of days off in the motor home with hubby and a few art supplies. Took walks, took a few pictures, read books... had a marvelous time.

 Walking the nature trail at Birch Bay State Park

 Late afternoon walk at Silver Lake State Park

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