Friday, July 22, 2011

30 Days - July 22

I woke up in a great mood this morning... and a plus! The excavators weren't operating today! The sun actually came out a few times between the clouds, we got up to 65 degrees, and I didn't have to go anywhere today! It was a happy fairy dust kind of day!

I spent some time swapping out cards for the "Putting the Bees in Beeswax" swap I hosted on, and will finish up and hopefully get them mailed out tomorrow. I also did some house work, but that's boring! *wink*

Today for the 30 Day challenge, I finished up some Circus Parade ATC's for our local trade tomorrow.

The background is one of the mono-printing pages I did earlier, with added texturing. The circus parade figures are from Graphics Fairy, and are a favorite of mine right now. They are highlighted with Stabilo pencil, Glaze pens and gel pens. I'm making a few similar sets for another trade elsewhere, just because they make me happy! :)


Sandra said...

The Circus Parade ATCs look great! Sounds like you're a pro at this ATC trading thing. Any advice you can share for how to start one? I'm looking to start one in August.

Did you say 64 degrees? It was 105 in Lancaster, PA today. Keep doing what makes you happy its contagious it makes me happy to see them ;-)

Val said...

these new cards are gorgeous! i love the backgrounds. very interesting technique.

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