Friday, November 30, 2012

Out of Space???

So, with yesterdays post, I was notified that I've exceeded my photo space. I can buy more space, if I choose. O.o

Somehow I missed that change in Blogger, and it makes me quite disgruntled.

I have two of my own blogs, and participated in another that involved a lot of photos the day's I posted, most are still in my Google photo albums. Not sure if the combined blogs are contributing, or if it applied to each one.

Anyone have suggestions, besides paying for more space? What you are doing with this interesting development? Anyone considering going to a different blog host?

Thanks, fellow bloggers, for you suggestions!

Happy Friday!


Laurie said...

before my blog crashed and I had to begin again, I had received notice I was at the limit of my space also, I bought more space.I do know others who just start a new blog those are the people mostly who numbers on the followers list are not a concern, some bloggers apparently work very hard to get high numbers and do not want to lose them, I believe that your true friends will visit a new blog, I follow my friends to now blogs, I'm not in for quantity I'm in blogger for quality, my friends are more than just a number.

Gloria said...

Helen, Blogger as far as I know has always done this. They give you X amount of photo space and when you exceed that amount you can opt to buy more or just opt out. You'd have to delete some of your photos in order to add more. I have the 80gb plan for 20 dollars a year and the fee is paid to Google directly. Here is what my plan says:

StorageCurrent plan: 80 GB for $20.00/year You are using 0.96 GB out of 80 GB(1.2%) of your storage.

I think I have lots of time left so I don't have to reduce the photos. I've only added more gigs once and I've been on blogger since 2007. It's your choice. Have a great weekend.

Cris, Oregon Artist said...

Serena sent me an email on how to make pix smaller.. if they are small enough they don't count as taking up room.I am sending the info to you via email.

Hartwood Roses said...

I was going to suggest the same thing as Cris ... smaller photo files. I format all of the photos I publish online to 640 pixels on the longest side. This reduces the size of the file to between 200 and 300 KB, without significant loss of resolution on the readers' computer screens.

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