Saturday, November 24, 2012

Internet connection woes

 Well... I should actually say "laptop" woes. My fancy schmanzy laptop has this tendency to occasionally "lose connection" to the internet. Usually I can do the "troubleshooting" thing, and it connects. A bit of a pain, but only a minute or so wasted  of my "internet" time. :)

But not this time. All other computers in the house can connect through our network, but mine just is being stubborn. I'm now working on the old... like 9 years old... laptop we got working again some time ago for my hubby. He was upgraded to a speed demon a month ago and this laptop became the "studio" laptop for listening to books on CD and music and such.

And now I'm on it again so I can get my online fix... as I attempt to figure out what the heck to do to fix the freakin' fancy schmanzy laptop.

It did this once before, and the weirdest thing was that when I went to the local library branch for check the wireless, it worked just fine. What IS it's problem? *grumble*

I am quite spoiled, it appears. I want my internet, and I want it now. Of course, two Etsy shops on a busy weekend, two blogs, and being a moderator on atcsforall (not to mention keeping up with family on Facebook and email) keeps me checking in several places off and on all day.I need my internet!

Hoping your weekend is going well, and your internet connection is behaving as it should. Cheers!

Oh... PS... the photo is the dock I'm going to drop the laptop off if the bugger doesn't start working correctly soon! *she says with a laugh*


Cheryl said...

I don't think it's your laptop. I've been having problems with connectivity as well. I think comcast is having the problem. I love the photo.

Gloria said...

I keep getting knocked off every once in a while. I don't have comcast carrier, but at&t. Hope you get it up and running. You really sound busy Helen. Hope you enjoyed Thanksgiving. Take care.

Diana Evans said...

oh that is not good!!! sorry to hear about your internet woes!!!! lovely photo!!!

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