Sunday, November 4, 2012

Just a little nervous...

I've been working on so many things for my booth at the upcoming Allied Arts Holiday Festival of the Arts! My sweet husband has been designing the booth I want from old shutter-style closet doors. (A huge score this summer in a "free" pile!) It's going to look so cool, in my totally biased opinion. *grin*

I'm still working to make sure there are enough arty things to fill it. I still have so many unfinished and almost finished pieces, it's making me a bit crazy!  It's a good thing is the festival goes for 6 weeks; I can keep creating things as we go along to restock as needed. 

I am getting a bit nervous, however.  
We still haven't heard where it will be located this year. We are supposed to set up the booths on November 13 & 14. EEK! 

Fingers crossed that they have it figure out early this week.  

I guess the worst case scenario is that I'll have a lot of creations for my Etsy shop


Anonymous said...

sometimes we worry for nothing because it all works out in the end, don't worry,

soulbrush said...

Having just been through my Art Trail for 2 weeks in the coffee shop, I know exactly how you feel, but somehow in the end it all comes together and the whole experience is just so worthwhile. You'll see, it is going to be FAB.

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