Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Underneath my feet

weary with concern
hoping for resolution
gentle reminder  

 I was feeling a bit melancholy earlier this week. We had an appointment later in the day with our son's doctor, hoping to get something to help with his recent anxiety. 
Walking down the hall, the light reflected and this little message jumped out at me. 

Be of good courage. I hold you in my heart. 

All will be well. 

and Haiku my Heart at recuerda mi corazon

P.S. Have I mentioned that hearts jump out at me from EVERYWHERE? Later on in the doctors office, there were heart shapes in the pattern of the linoleum flooring. The counselor saw them too! All will be well. :)


Kim Campbell Radder said...

Hugs for what's going on now and another for the memories of the past this time of year must bring. Keep looking for the blessing of the heart and remember how strong and courageous you really are. My love to you. = >

Clytie said...

What a wonderful and heart-felt reminder - your Haiku is so beautiful.

I was waiting at the VA for my dad who was seeing a doctor there ... and I too found hearts in the linoleum! I haven't posted them yet, but I will!

My heart especially goes out to you because I have walked in these shoes. One daughter was dx with Tourette's Syndrome and the other with "extreme" panic/anxiety disorder and both were dx as bipolar. They still fight with these illnesses. Thank you so much for the reminder to be of good courage and all will be well.

Gloria said...

Very nicely done and I hope everything is okay with your son. ::sending healing thoughts to your son::

Wayne (Woody), whatever said...

Good eye to see this - it goes your good heart :-)

Spadoman said...

Glad you are seeing hearts and getting these messages. Sometimes, they are meant only for you to see, and at other times, they may not be about you at all. Take what you need and leave the rest.

Much Peace into your life

anthonynorth said...

A beautiful message.

Lenora said...

your second Haiku - a gentle and beautiful gift.. tread gently, be kind to yourself..

Cheryl said...

Jen is with you always and she is reminding you with all the hearts.

irene said...

hearts are everywhere when our heart is open. sending you healing thoughts and energy. take care.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

To know that we are held gives strength and courage.

Will She Forgive Us?

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