Sunday, April 1, 2012

Fake Journal Month!

Life's so short, why live only one?

So says Roz Stendahl, who "hosts" Fake Journal Month. I think I'll live an alter life this year... 

I just picked up a little book yesterday from the Free Book shelves at the Public Library. And spent last night gluing the pages together while I watched the movie Amelia Earhart (also from the library) with my hubby. (Free books! Free entertainment! I LOVE my library!)

I stumbled across the Fake Journal Month again this morning and have a book ready to use... how can I resist? Serendipity! 

Here's the blank book, all ready to go... now who shall I be? 


Julie said...

How many pages do you glue together? two? four? and what glue? and ... I WANT A PLAY DATE!!

Gallery Juana said...

I love how the library has dvds too.

Fun way to start the fake journal!
I've been thinking about doing that fake journal.

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