Saturday, April 21, 2012

Make Art, Not Trash

My son and I attended the RE-Store Interactive Workshop today, part of the R.A.R.E Recycled Art and Resource Expo. The RE-Store has an Art Station they created as an addition at various community events. You can use bits and pieces from the RE-Store to build something amazing. It’s most interesting and fun!

Here are our projects mostly completed. A man in progress, along with a square of rounds.

With the help of a fabulous recycle artist volunteer (who was quite creative and French and adorable), my son created Kevin, the Recycled Man. Cool, huh? 

The writing on the wall says Art Station - Spark! 

The sticker we brought home says:  Make Art, Not Trash! 

Happy Earth Day, everyone! Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! 

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Cheryl said...

Fun times! Fabulous art! Jason looks happy.

Lighthousegal said...

Looks like a fun project. Love the Recycled Man!
Happy Sunday!

Anonymous said...

What a great way to spark creativity and repurpose old items! Very cool. :-)

Genie said...

What a fabulous way to spend your day...child or adult. I would be in heaven. I am always doing things with junk and thrown out stuff. It is such fun. Love the photos, and loved learning about the project. genie

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