Tuesday, February 7, 2012

HuMp DaY Haiku - Sun lit bay

Sparkling sun lit bay
Heron fishing at waters edge
Eagle soars beyond

A glare filled view of Chuckanut Village beach, with a couple of herons out at the waters edge. An eagle spooked the water birds out on the bay, but I could not capture it.
I am going to get new camera... I AM! :)

I started doing Hump Day Haiku with Carla Sonheim's Silly classes...  and decided as a challenge for myself, I'd continue.  In this process, I have found that creating a haiku (non rhyming poem with 5 - 7 - 5 syllables per line) feeds my soul. 
I especially like creating them to go with my photos. 

Would you like to share a haiku you have written? 

You may include a haiku in the comments, OR you may copy your blog post url (featuring a haiku) and add a link to your blog using Mr. Linky. And consider visiting other contributors blogs to say hello. 


Cheryl said...

That's a gorgeous picture. The glare lends it authenticity. Too bad I can't see the birds. I like your haiku, too.

Carolyn Dube said...

I love the haiku with your photo! The glare is such a powerful(in a good way) element in your composition - but I know what you mean about it since it messed with several of my photos recently. I was in Seattle - how could sun mess with photos there - they aren't supposed to have sun! I had 4 days of all sun there - who would have guessed.

Gloria said...

Great picture and love your haiku. Thanks for sharing.

siga said...

Beautiful picture, so shiny and relaxing.
But new camera? That's even better!!!

Kim Campbell Radder said...

I like your photo. Just imagine what you could do with a new camera! We had an eagle "fly-over" above the back yard on Monday. They're everywhere this time of year.

Tarang Sinha said...

Beautiful picture and nice haiku:)

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