Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Late August Blooms

Late August means my lovely tall red monarda (bee balm) blooms start to fade... although there are a few late blooming plants. This variety is called Blue Stocking... according to the nursery where I bought the original plant nearly 20 years ago.

Our native bergamot monarda is in full bloom right now. The leaf mold is especially prevalent with the wet cold summer we've had this year... but I still love the delicate little blooms.

So do the hummingbirds.

August Break 2011


Jenny Schouten Short said...

The late August flowers are special and I'm always glad to see them. Holland has had the wetest summer since 1966. Moss and mold is growing everywhere. xo Jenny

Anonymous said...

I don't want summer to be over!! :-( (I have the heater running in my studio this morning.) Your garden is so lovely. Someday I will come and visit to see it in person! Hugs xo ~ Rhonda

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