Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ducky Adventure Begins!

This little duck represents a friend who cannot attend the Oregon Live Gathering of atcsforall.com folks in Hood River this coming weekend. She really wanted to, and sent a package of goodies for me to share when I get there.

I made the hat with propeller for the rubber ducky using an online pattern from Cristophine at Deviant Art, shrunk to about the right size. I happened to have felt in just the right color in my stash, and I sewed the 7 little pieces together by hand. (EEK!). The propeller was cut from a left over piece of painted background and was mounted on a pin. (Don't tell Ducky it's stuck into his head!)

Ducky will be traveling with me to Hood River this weekend. I'll be taking pictures of our adventures and will file a report.  Once we're home and I get some picture printed, Ducky will travel to Michigan to live with my friend who has no clue that I'm doing this for her. :)

Ducky and I were having tea this morning before the packing started.

August Break 2011


uriah01002 said...

Helen that's adorable! She'll love it!!

lynnsie said...

Helen, this is a great idea! My sister-in-law had her 3rd grade class send teddy bears to one friend and they were to send it to another and so on. It finally made it back to the classroom with a beautiful journal of adventures and pictures. Yea!!! to a great Idea! Lynn

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