Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ducky's Adventure Part 2

It was a wonderfully HOT day in Hood River when we arrived... just in the nick of time for the winery tour. We walked a very long one half mile (actually 1+miles) immediately after checking in and dragging all our "stuff" to the room. Luckily I grabbed a seltzer water to drink on the way.

Ducky thought the foot bridge was great fun!

When we arrived we got personal service and even a picture taken by our wonderful wine taster lady!

After getting a ride back to the hotel, we all had a quick bite to eat and a beverage. Ducky tried the Lemon Drop...

Then everyone gathered and played with their art supplies for a bit. Ducky brought bookmarks to share with those in attendance. Here he's at the art table ready to create.

After a late night, we were still up early to enjoy the dawn on the river.

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