Sunday, April 14, 2013

Surround Yourself

Shared by my niece on Facebook, I thought this worth sharing here. 

I've had a few incidents recently with friends who neglected to follow through on their commitments; who find excuses not to do what they said they wanted to do, or not support what they said they wanted to support. 
I guess I come from a different reality. I rarely start something I am not totally committed to seeing through to the end, and bailing on one of my commitments or dreams isn't going to happen. Of course dreams change, but some folks dreams change as soon as the going gets tough. 

I want to be a successful artist, and am constantly working toward that. I want to have successful Etsy shops and am continually working on them, learning and tweaking and promoting. I am doing the work to make it happen. NOTHING is dropped into your lap, it all comes of being persistent and working and making it happen. And as you are creating good energy the good energy comes to you.

Where you will be in five years depends on the books you read, the people you associate with, and the things (inspirational CDs/podcasts/etc) you listen to. I choose to continue to learn my craft and surround myself with folks who are as committed as I am to reaching their dreams, and those who stay with their commitments. 

That may mean releasing a few friendships that are not longer nurturing and supportive for me. 

I choose to surround myself ONLY with people who are going to lift me HIGHER. 

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