Monday, September 10, 2012

Things I want...

The workers up the block to finish their work so I don't have to listen to heavy machinery while drinking my morning cup of tea. 
Warm weather!
My ankle to stop hurting
Someone to organize my office and studio
My son to find a reasonably priced apartment in a safe neighborhood
More hours in the day
My muse to come back

So, how's your Monday going?


soulbrush said...

What I want is your ankle to stop hurting so much and your muse to return -how about those for starters?

Kim Campbell Radder said...

I wish I was more confident about doing things, like I was when I was young. (Or was that youthful ignorance?) I wish my friend Judy would heal so she could eat and weigh more than 97 lbs. I wish Kathy wasn't sick so Karen didn't have to work so hard. The weather's warmer this afternoon, Helen, and construction season will end with the advent of fall.

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