Tuesday, September 11, 2012

HuMp DaY Haiku - Will be taking a vacation

I want to be here!
Camping in among the trees
in our motorhome

Wishing I could be there now, in my little motor home camping in the woods at our favorite park.

Our little motor home is not running, and hubby's mechanical attempts have been unsuccessful so far. He's been able to get us going in the past, but it looks like it will take more money that we have to spend right now.

And so, I wistfully wish to be where I cannot go right now... in my little motor home in the big woods.

On another note, HuMp DaY Haiku will be taking a little vacation. I have so many things to try to do in the next month and a half that I really need to focus on them for a few weeks.

Thanks to all you who have played along so regularly, I love seeing your creative work!

We'll be back in early October.


Kim Campbell Radder said...

So sorry your little home on wheels needs major surgery. Don't we all long for a special place to be? I hope you're able to go there in your mind and heart. See you in October. Happy day, Helen.

joanne said...

may you be productive during your hiatus....sorry you can't be in your forest house!

Rhonda said...

I hope you are okay Helen and that your time off is exactly what you need. Sorry to hear about your motorhome woes.

Jenny Short said...

Have a good trip wherever you go. xo Jenny

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