Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wildflower Wonderland

We're just back from camping at Rasar Park along the Skagit River... our favorite campground. Lush green trails and a high river. Watching an eagle perching high in a tree across the river, and then soaring across the water to another tree. They must have a nest near by. 

Walking the trails was a woodland wildflower paradise! The wildflowers were everywhere, all jumbled together carpeting the forest floor along the trail.

This fairy looking trail was just off our campsite...
As was this Western Trillium. It's the only one we saw still in bloom.
There was an abundance of fungi as well... this little clump looked like a fairy garden.
And the ferns were in various stages of unflolding... their tips all curled funky.

How blessed we are to have such beauty so close to home. 


Cheryl said...

Very beautiful. Very elven. I expected to see hobbits running and hiding.

artistamyjo said...

We have lots of woodruff in bloom so pretty but cold here. It's 42 at 2pm and they say frost tonight ...again.
This looks like a wonderful place to camp,hope it's warmer then here !
Hugs, Amy

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