Sunday, May 1, 2011

Virgina Rail

What a beautiful day for a walk! I went to Scudder Pond again, to check on mama goose. She's still on the nest, head up today watching all the folks wandering past on the trail. Saw mama bald eagle on her nest, she was sitting up enjoying the sunshine; you could see her white head and shoulders. And I wandered back and forth over the trail where the owl nest was, and could not for the life of me find the tree again. How silly, but I enjoyed the trail and you could hear the water in the creek. I stood and watched a downy woodpecker just off the trail for a bit, and managed to get a picture.

I was most excited today because I actually saw the elusive Virginia Rail. Only because three guys with cameras were lurking near the goose nest, looking at the cattails. I stopped and watched with them for a while and got lucky! By golly, a photo! :)


artistamyjo said...

Had a pair of red belly woodpeckers in the yard today. I've seen the male but this was a first for a female. Why on earth do they call them red belly when it's the head that's red !

Anonymous said...

So Cool! That's one for the life list!!

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