Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

One of the traditions my husband and I have created, is to go share a beer with his Dad and Mom on memorial day.

We frequently visited in the afternoons when Mom was still alive, and enjoyed a beer together chatting about her garden and what she'd done that day. His Dad passed before we were married, but I understand he also enjoyed a beer after work. We started doing this and it's stuck.

You may think I'm odd... and you're probably right, actually... but I have a small canister with some ashes from my daughter in the glove compartment of my car. So she came along and we all had a good time enjoying the chilly late afternoon.

May you find a peaceful way to remember those who have passed from your lives.

P.S. The flowers are from our yard, coral bells, wild strawberry, columbine and forget me not. (Flowers from the yard is also part of the tradition). The carnation and flag were awaiting us when we arrived... thanks to an unknown benefactor.


artistamyjo said...

We all have special traditions we follow and sounds like your's is delightful.

Cheryl said...

I did not know you actually carried Jennifer with you. Literally. I think that is a wonderful thought. Thanks for telling me.

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