Thursday, July 16, 2009

On the Boardwalk

Had a lovely afternoon with my hubby. He realized that crabbing season opened yesterday, so decided we need to go crabbing this afternoon. Just came in and said, let's go. So off we went to Taylor dock at Boulevard Park. It's a lovely boardwalk trail along the shore. I had fun watching the silly gulls who were just sure we were going to give them the bait, and were not at all shy about it. It was wonderfully warm with a light breeze to keep it from getting too hot.
A fire boat stopped just a bit out from where we were sitting, and practiced it's spraying. Fun to watch. There were a lot of sailboats out in the bay, and the people watching was great! It's a well used boardwalk/trail, folks of all ages and types, bicycles and walkers and runners in groups, by themselves, with dogs. One couple had their ferret on a leash. Made us smile. Almost as much as the two girls who gave us the Spock peace sign going and coming back from Woods Coffee with their iced mochas. What a riot.
My managers daughter and her adorable family walked by; they were out treasure hunting and then going to the beach. I got to see their sweet new baby in person. What a doll, just a cute as his older brother.
We had fun with some new to the area folks who were totally mystified with the crab ring... they stayed and watched for awhile. And a couple of kids who really wanted to wait, but mommy had to be somewhere and had to pry them away.
The crabs were not cooperative, so we came home with just a bit of eel grass on the crab ring... no crabs today.

Sometimes you just need to go do something totally unplanned and enjoy yourself. I need to do more of it. It's good for the soul.

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Cheryl said...

Sounds like a fabulous day in a wonderful place. I remember it well. Too bad about the crab. I miss you. Thanks again for the angel. I keep it in my travel art kit, see it all the time, and think of you.

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