Monday, July 20, 2009

Creating Peace

Your tranquility can surprise you today, as you may be coping with a great many challenges at this point in your life. You may instinctively be using your home as a sanctuary where you can recover from worldly stresses, even if you have never before regarded your personal spaces as a refuge. The feelings of peace that spread through you as you rest and relax in a room special to you or your garden can be the perfect antidote to the tension you carry with you during much of your outer world existence. To make these spaces even more inviting and serene today, take a few moments to beautify them before settling in.

From my inbox today... after a morning out in the garden.

1 comment:

Runner Gurl said...

We need to get all the gurls together and have a house and garden tour. Your garden looks so beautiful, Helen.

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