Monday, July 6, 2009


It's all around... all of the time. It's just a bit overwhelming today.

My friend Cheryl moving away highlighted last week. She came and played at the Scrap Paper doll class last Sunday. I miss her already. I am so glad I can keep up on her new blog. I sent her on her way with a little travel angel. It is made of pieces of map from her route between here and there. It kept her safe; she has arrived and is starting her new job today.

We're in the process of 1) painting 2) tearing up carpeting and 3) replacing with pergo flooring in the hall, living room, dining room... (okay...mostly my sweet hubby... but I DID pick the paint). It will be so lovely, and the house is in turmoil and I don't have a peaceful spot to hide.

There is my art room, of course, however it has been in turmoil for a while. Haha! It is giving me the incentive to finally finish the re-organizing. It's half done. There are boxes in here of Jen's things, and a couple of old "important paper" boxes in the closet to be gone through and shredded. Not to mention finding places for all those freakin' art supplies I keep buying. (Shhh... don't tell!)

I just want to get in the motor home and go camping somewhere quiet and peaceful and do art when I'm not going for walks like we did a couple of weeks ago. This was the view from the window where I sat doing art... while John was fishing in the rain.

It doesn't appear that we'll be able to camp again for a while....


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With Grace said...

Dear Helen,
One of my fondest memories is of when we all went motor homing to Deception Pass. Rick was sosososo happy when he was out in the woods and of course I was ecstatic when he was happy. I remember you and I scouting out the other camp ground, walking from site to site, trying desperately to find the perfect spot for Richard's and my second night out. You totally got why it was so important for me to find perfection. It was so much fun being with you and John. Sitting around the camp fire, walking the dogs, eating dinner. It was perfect. I am so glad that we all got to have that experience together.

Your house changes sound awesome, however, I can imagine that things are a little chaotic. Hang in there.

I love you Helen!

Love Sherri

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