Monday, November 24, 2014

Artificial Urgency

In the midst of all the rushing about, take time for the little things.  

Annas Hummingbird in snowy tree

"There is what I call an "artificial urgency" that can screw up our lives, if we let it.
Social commitments, work deadlines, spouses, kids, parents...all of that daily maintenance that life doesn't feel artificial, it feels REAL.
Radical hospitality starts within - you gotta be ok with being ok with yourself. 
Respect yourself enough to step away. 
Set priorities and boundaries that work for you and your family and let the rest go. 
As much as possible, optimize the things that energize, minimize the things that drain. 
And persevere."
Wise words from Jane Somerton (aka my big sister)

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Kelly_Deal said...

Nice post! Totally true!

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