Saturday, September 13, 2014

Turning Seasons

Autumn Mountain III
The weather has turned and Autumn is definitely arriving. Evidenced by 44 degrees this morning. I'm feeling a bit down that our winterish coldness has started so early.
I am a warm weather girl.

I do like Autumn. The cold starts the leaves turning which in turn provides some stunning views. And afternoons are warmish... sometimes. :) I'm just not quite ready.

In any case, we're planning our annual trek to Heather Meadows/Mount Baker before the snow flies. We try for the last nice weather day literally before snow is expected, which is easier to do when one works for oneself from home.

Off to put away the summer clothes and get out my cold weather wear: long sleeves and turtlenecks and layers. And worn about 3/4 of the year in these parts.

Happy Saturday!

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