Tuesday, March 25, 2014

What's in My Studio... fairy house makings!

Fairy house makings! 
Scavanged bits and pieces from the recent wind storm drying in front of the furnace vent. You'll note the hose from the vacuum at the top left. Many leftover droppings even though most are on newspaper. 
The cones and the light green mossy branches at the right were just brought home from my hubby's first foray for morel mushrooms today. (He found a few... they are almost ready!) 

Hubby cut the door for the fairy house. 
We used a wood bird house from Joann's, which will be the base. More on this project to follow... 

Out on the planting table, just outside the studio walls is this adorable little planter. Oops, this shot is in the greenhouse waiting for the dirt. Rest assured it does have it's dirt and is happily awaiting further growth. 
My great niece painted this pot herself, for my birthday (Saturday). Part of my happy day included hanging out with M and her brother in the morning while Mom worked for a couple of hours. Yay for me!

In other news, I've had a busy week in the Etsy shops. They are keeping me hopping for sure (and in spending money) and also keeping me well on track to triple my sales this year. I may have to bump that goal up. Another yay! :D

I'm still happy! Happiness is, after all, a state of mind.  

OMG, is anyone else addicted to this song. O.o  

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Helen said...

oh, the fairy house sounds so cute. can't wait to see it finished! Happy Birthday for Saturday, I hope you had fun. Helen 11

Ann B said...

That fairy house is going to be stunning. Will pop back again to see it finished.
Happy Wednesday
Ann B

Jenny Short said...

Imagination is good. Go with yours. Love the little fairy house. xo Jenny

Sandy said...

Well done in the etsy shop.. Love the little fairy house it looks very cute..
Sandy #25

Lynsey McGreavey said...

Hi Helen,

Love the pot, happy belated birthday and I love that song too - but the Radio station here plays it WAAAAAY too much! Lyns xx #58

Julia Dunnit said...

Many happy returns Helen! Nice way to spend the day, and what a great present from your Great Niece. Like the fairy house idea, and your dear DH gently cutting the door...see...we all believe just enough!

Girl Cave Craft said...

Yes I am addicted to that song too! The fairy house looks like it is going to be so sweet. Thanks for sharing, Ela #87

MeOfCourse said...

Hi Helen. Happy Birthday for Saturday! Love what you have going on. Last spring I did a couple of bird houses. A fairy house sounds like fun. :)

MommaRock said...

Clap along! Love that song.
Happy WOYWW... See you next week.
Kimmer #91... last , but not least AGAIN.. LOL

Amy Weaver/The Weaver's Hand-Inspirational Mixed Media Artist said...

i cant wait to see how the fairy house turns out! congrats on the fabulous success of your Etsy shops! hoping to be right there with you someday.

my cup of tea said...

I love fairy houses! Looking forward to see how it turns out!

Tertia said...

The fairy house is going to be great!!
Hope you had a great birthday.
Happy WOYWW!
Tertia #67

Kelly said...

Look forward to seeing the fairy house completed.
Hmmm morels. After the rain we had last night and the sun today... maybe I should take a timber walk.
Happy Belated Birthday and thanks for sharing the video. I'm probably one of the few who had not seen it yet. Hugs & Blessings! Kelly #77

Vikki said...

Those fairy houses look really interesting...hope to see the finished product. Thanks for sharing..
Vikki #93

ps Happy Birthday for last Saturday.

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