Sunday, January 5, 2014

30 Paintings Update...

I was a bit waylaid with a husband unexpectedly in the hospital the past few days.  He's home now and going to be fine (and we've met our yearly deductible. o.O). However while I have a couple of small things started, I did not finish any paintings and am totally exhausted so it won’t happen tonight.

I do, however, have some new ideas inspired by interesting textures around the hospital.
I hope to work on the smaller paintings tomorrow, and also get started on the new ideas. I remind myself that the goal is to have 30 completed paintings in 30 days, not to finish a painting each and every day.

Some of the paintings I create take a couple of days with all the drying times required between layers. I usually have a few going at a time just for that reason.

So... a question for you:
Do you take random photographs in strange places of patterns and odd things to remind yourself of creative ideas?


Christine said...

I do take such photos. Glad your husband is ok, worrying stuff.

Kim Campbell Radder said...

Would it be of any importance to me to know why John was hospitalized? Glad to know he's fine, but was surprised to read about it. I like your recent bird paintings. I enjoyed seeing and buying cards of your work at Allied Arts. Are all available somewhere?

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