Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Still blooming

Most of my summer flowers have finished their blooming, However these lovely hardy fuchsias are still going strong. They do encourage me. And the leaves are starting to change, so the colors of nature continue.

So much to do, so little time. I'm wondering how I'll have time to sleep with all I need to get ready for the Allied Arts Holiday Festival... a booth to get assembled, art to get finished, and very little time to do it all with my work schedule this month. O.o
My Etsy shops are keeping me hopping too; a good thing!

And so, you'll see very little of me here for a short while. Our Hump Day Haiku will continue, but probably not much more than that until I feel like I'm ready for the show.


1 comment:

Gloria said...

Helen, hope you have fun at the art festival. Don't be stressed, just enjoy yourself. I did do my Haiku but haven't linked it because there is no Haiku yet? Perhaps soon, if not that's okay, I know you are very busy. Wish you luck, sell, sell, sell.:) Take care.

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