Saturday, October 13, 2012

Annual trek to the Mountain

The rains have returned and will be here for months. I already miss the sun.
I AM grateful for the water for the plants and trees. 

And I am grateful that I have recent memories of a beautiful day "on the mountain" with my husband at Artist Point near Mount Baker. My honey's goal is to go one of the last days before the fall rains hit. Fall rain in Bellingham is snow at Mount Baker, and they close the road up to Artist Point not to reopen until mid-summer when it thaws. We were there the very last nice day. Score! 

We took a short hike toward Chain Lakes... the picture above shows the view above is near the start of the trail. Mount Baker, the Great White Watcher is peeking at us through the trees. Highland blueberries provide the deep red color. 

The colors were spectacular this year! 

This shot was taken along the trail down to Bagley Lake at Austin Pass, looking back up the hill. 

And this is the view from our picnic table at Austin Pass. Nice, don't you think? 

A glorious day to remember on a gray, rainy day like today. 

1 comment:

Gloria said...

Wow, that is totally beautiful. Very nice photos of a very nice day. Thanks for sharing Helen. Have a great week ahead.

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