Wednesday, August 15, 2012

In memory of Uncle Warren

We lost our Uncle Warren this morning, a week after surgery to repair his broken hip. 

My Uncle Warren and his sweetieface (also known as my mothers sister Ethel) soon after they were married in 1946. 

Uncle Warren served in the Navy in WWI, and later developed lung issues from the chemicals used to clean/paint the hulls. He was on oxygen the past several years, which didn't slow him down too much. He kept himself busy in his wood working shop and with his volunteering until recently. 
With a great sense of humor, he was always kind and patient with the myriad of nieces and nephews that happened by. He was the first man I knew who drank tea; Early Gray, if I recall correctly. I thought it was cool. Perhaps that's one of the reasons I began drinking tea rather than coffee as I got older. Hmmm...

As a teenager and young adult, I remember Uncle Warren being a sharp snooker player, (there was a table in his basement) and although he helped me figure out some shots, he never "let" me win. 

He and Aunt Ethel "retired" to Myrtle, Idaho 20ish years ago, to a lovely place on the river just a quick drive up river from Lewiston, where I lived before moving to Bellingham. Did I mention he made a fabulous gin and tonic? Perfect for a summer evening sitting on the deck watching the river go by and waiting for the night hawks to come out. 

Warren taught his kids and many of the cousins to play cribbage, which started the marathon cribbage tournaments at family reunions. They are now always included, it's just the thing to DO! :) 
He also began making beautiful wooden cribbage boards for the tournaments, as the "winners" trophy. It's made competition fierce; everyone wanted to win one of Uncles boards! The last board he made was "won" by his son Patrick at our cousins reunion the last weekend of July, just two weeks ago. A fitting reminder of his beloved Father. 
Uncle Warren March 2012
We'll miss you and your sweet smile, your gin and tonics and cribbage games, your kindness and patience and love. We will carry you in our hearts always. 

Rest in peace, my sweet Uncle! 

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Liz said...

A lovely memorial to a man who you obviously loved very much. Sorry for your loss. Always remember him and he will never truly be gone.

Best wishes,

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