Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A memory garden - dia de bloglandia

This is the first year I've formally observed Dia de los Muertos, which I'm celebrating with Rebecca and Stephanie at dia de bloglandia.  While I did not complete the shrine I started, it occurred to me that our backyard garden contains a variety of reminders of our family who have passed.

My husbands father was an avid gardener. He died before we married, and I so wish I'd have had more time to get to know him. His garden contained these lovely Autumn sedum. 

My husbands mother was generous with her gardening knowledge and shared a variety of plants from her garden. This yarrow became quite invasive, (and a bit of a joke).  However, after her death, it became a constant reminder of her generous love.

The love in a mist came from seeds from my Auntie Ruth, several years before she died. She was always generous with her seeds, and told us some of the seeds she shared were from plants originally given her by my Grandma Rose. 

The frog statues in my garden remind me of my Auntie Rosemary, who told me once that frogs were protection. I've had one at my front door and throughout our garden since. 

This angel sign was a gift from my daughter, and is something I continue to cherish in her memory.

Celebrating All Souls Day and Dia de los Muertos with 
 Rebecca and Stephanie at dia de bloglandia. 


Gloria said...

Hi Helen. What a great tribute in sharing these beautiful plants that were once your families. I love that you told us about each item and the love behind it. Very nice. I too have a backyard full of plants from so many family members, especially from my dad. I always say my Dad continues here in my yard with his olive trees, his yuccas, his fig tree and much more. Thank you for igniting memories.

Stephanie said...

How lucky you are to have a living shrine all year round to remind you of so many of your family members. I have cuttings from my grandfathers garden and cherish them.

thank you for being part of dia de bloglandia.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

This is a shrine that shines!

The Veil Is Thin

La Llorona Studio said...

What beautiful reminders of your loved ones. They are always with you.

audrey said...

Hello Helen.
What a gorgeous flower garden, and how special that each group of flowers is a reminder of a loved one. It must be comforting for you to walk among those flowers and remember times shared.
This is a beautiful tribute to those you've lost.
♥ audrey

rebecca said...

dear helen,

i feel closest to my loved ones in the garden and under the wide open sky. thank you for taking me by the hand and leading me into your family stories by way of a garden path. collecting seeds is one of the most sacred and reassuring of pass times.
truly you are speaking my language.

Roz Cawley said...

Oh, beautiful! Beautiful memories and what is more wonderful than the vast altar of the natural World? I am both a gardener and a 'first timer' at celebrating the Days of the Dead - so I feel now in good company!
Thank you for sharing your garden and your memories.
Warmest wishes from England! x

Annie said...

Dear Helen,

Your living altar and words are beautifual hommages to your loved ones.

May they rest in peace,

Julie said...

I agree....a beautiful living shrine!

Queenie Believe said...

Beautiful words and images. Thank you for sharing your memories with us.
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie

Ascender Rises Above ! said...

I love that you have shared the garden photos; a reminder that the memories are everywhere that we look. A garden and flowers that you see everyday... every day is all souls day.

Cheryl said...

I love that every time you look at or walk thru your garden you have loving reminders of family past and present.

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