Thursday, November 3, 2011

Junk Jewelry

 I took a junk jewelry class this past Sunday, with my friend Debi McManus-Plett, (an amazing artist!). She teaches at Stampadoodle  in Bellingham, and Country Lane in Surrey BC. This creation is my very first wrapped wire pendant, made with a washer and cotter pin, wire and seed beads.

We also soldered in the class, my first time ever, and I can't say I did it well. However, it did take the fear away. I plan to make some ornaments for the holidays, and this time will make sure to allow for the tape when choosing an image. Hmph. *wink*

While helping Debi clean up, I discovered a little heart formed by droplets of the solder. So of course it came home with me.

Linking my random heart with Clytie at Guest Heart Thursday


Clytie said...

Congrats on getting over the soldering jitters! You did really well for a first time - better than I ever could.

And that little solder drip heart is exquisite. I'm so glad you got to take it home!!!

Cheryl said...

Fabulous pendant. I see you expanding your etsy shop...and the heart is splendid.

soulbrush said...

I already told you how much I loved this new arty stuff of yours, specially the birdie. It rocks.

buy necklaces said...

This is a chance to give a old one thing a new life. Like it!

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