Saturday, December 18, 2010

Being warm is a luxury

Woke up this morning to a furnace that wasn't working... and a cold house. Brrrrrrrrrrr....

Called the furnace folks... but they have not deemed us important enough to call back. Hey! Our furnace is not working and it's COLD outside. HELLO?

So I purchased a larger and smaller space heater to compliment the little one we already had, and now, at 7:00ish it's starting to feel warm enough that I can take off my long underwear. Laptop has been moved to the dining room next to the space heater, so I can get my internet fix in the warmth. And the oven is almost done baking our dinner. Gingerbread is ready for dessert.

Makes me realize how totally spoiled I am. I have the resources to go buy the space heaters to get us through until Monday, and I have power to run my laptop (and I HAVE a laptop), and warm water, and long underwear to keep me warm until the house gets back to a livable temperature.  There are so many without all the blessings I have in my life. Puts a little inconvenience into perspective.

On another totally separate note, I discovered a cool blog with amazing art. And there is a cool Tim Holtz giveaway going on right now too! Check it out!

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