Thursday, April 1, 2010

Artfest Art

Here's a bit of the art I created this past weekend. The first three photos are from Tracy and Marilyn Huskamp's class, Between the Lines; an abstract landscape technique with lots of fun texture.

 Based on a photo of a hill full of sunflowers

 Seascape - work in progress

A canvas from class - also a work in progress.

I can't seem to get good pictures of the collage boards from Karen Micheal's class, or the little book from Carl Sonheim's class so here is a picture from the mantel at House 15 at Artfest. The two collage boards are mine (blue one is a mirror frame), as is the little Picasso Dog book.

The SUN word canvases are Jody's.

I need a good sunshine day to get better pictures, and also need a bit more play time to finish the uncompleted projects...


Arlene Wanetick said...

Helen, these look even more gorgeous than they do inperson...and that was pretty gorgeous! I especially love the first one. YOU ARE INSPIRING ME to get a blog going....xoxox Arlene

kateri said...

very interesting stuff!

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