Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Artfest... on the way

Doing last minute wondering about what I could make/take for a house trade, late the night before leaving, (we stay in Officers Housing at Fort Worden - #15 and like to have something special for those staying there)  it occurred to me that I had some tiara's leftover. (from what, you may wonder, but that's another story) Perfect!

Julie put one on immediately, and wore it throughout the weekend. Mine did not go on until we were driving along the way, listening to the CD Julie created for her House gift. On the ferry we were busy snapping pictures and an older gentleman asked if the princesses (or was it princessi) would like their picture taken. So of course, we said yes!

We also made sure to get our "on-the-way-to-Artfest" traveling feet.

We were snuggled right up to the rope keeping us from the edge so we could get the webbing from the net in the picture.

More of our adventures to follow.... :)

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