Thursday, January 14, 2010

My favorite things

That's the theme of the moleskine journal I just sent off in the mail. So which of my favorite things did I choose...
Traveling with Johnny in the motorhome
Playing with Mina
Collage, using layered & textured backgrounds

Here's the spread, which was collaged on a gessoed then paint layered background using paper napkin sunflowers and birds and pictures.


Cheryl said...

Great moley pages! Love seeing the favorite things that make you happy!

Cheryl said...

So beautiful, and so YOU! Can you turn your picture into a postcard and send it to me? or send it to me as a jpg and I can print one.

HHCampbell said...

If I can figure out how to print it well in postcard size, I'll send it to you. :D

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