Monday, September 7, 2009

Jen's recipe

I was digging through the recipe box (which I've had for 37 years, by the way) looking for a recipe for Zucchini bread. Decided that's one way to use up some of the bounty. Anyway, found a recipe for Spicy Zucchini Bread in Jen's handwriting... *insert happy tears here*

I've wondered where her recipe box ended up. It occurred to me once long after they cleared her apartment without me (long story) and I never did find out. Never did ask, actually. Telling myself to remember all the times we cooked and baked together is what is real and is what matters. Recipes in her handwriting are not necessary for me to remember.

So I have this great recipe (which I'd also written into our extended family cookbook created 20+ years ago) and am off to make bread while Jen is smiling at me. Thanks, Jen.

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Gloria said...

Helen I had no idea you had lost a child. As you know I lost my son and every year I hold the traditional Dia de Los Muertos. I've been doing this since he left our world and for some reason it helps ease the pain, knowing that the souls of loved ones now gone return on that day to celebrate with us as we celebrate their lives. I'm so sorry for your loss, we as mother's know the pain. ::hugs:: and prayers to you. This year Helen, set up a little table with her pictures, marigolds, some of her things and light some candles and celebrate her life. Your daughter was very beautiful.

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