Tuesday, September 1, 2009

At Silver Lake

Early Saturday morning before anyone else was up, hubby spotted otters near the dock, although I never saw more than the bubbles. The water on the lake was smooth with a slight mist above it. The sun hadn't come up over black mountain quite yet... it was lovely.

The family reunion was a fairly quiet one this year, only three "east-siders" came, and a sprinkling of us west-siders. I spent a lot of the time reading with with my three year old grand niece and visiting with my neices and sister. Played card games with Jason (I lost as usual). BBQ'ed salmon and hot dogs, made lovely salads, and had lots of snacks. Enjoyed family history and women of the family books put together by my sister-in-law. Defended ourselves against the yellow jackets nesting under the picnic bench through out the weekend. Took a couple of short walks.

Sister rented a canoe for the afternoon, so I went out with John and Jason Saturday afternoon... that's me doing all the work. ;)

We rented two paddle boats Sunday and paddled ourselves all over the lake. John fished Sunday with grand-niece and her new fishing pole. We even trolled while in the paddle boat, and played pirates...

It was a lovely weekend, with good people. My kind of family reunion.

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