Monday, November 14, 2016

Take Action

I have not felt such open grief since my daughter died. I wake up each morning with an almost dread-like feeling. It’s quite unlike anything I've ever felt before. And I'm a straight white 63 year old woman.

I felt a similar grief of betrayal many, many years ago when I discovered the father of my children was unfaithful with my best friend. It’s something that rocks your foundation as a person and causes transformation. And nothing is ever the same.

This election has rocked my foundation. Hate has been openly unleashed on our country, on our children. Our environment is in peril. This is unacceptable for us as individuals on a deeper level than ever before. It calls me to action. It calls each of us to action.

Those issues you are most concerned about? Get involved. Speak up. Make our collective voice heard. Take action now!

More people in this country (USA) voted for someone other than the current president-elect, than voted for him. By a few million. Not just for Hillary, but for Gary and Jill. We will not be silenced.

This is a time of transformation. Speak up! Take action now!

God help our children. God help our country. God Bless America.


Beth S Young said...

Amen! This is just so ridiculous. And he is surrounding himself with men scarier than he his. All women, all minorities, and LGBTQ are at risk, and they are dismantling the safety net. And white males have claimed the Safety Pin wearing is silly and useless. Apparently, so was the most qualified candidate ever.

Els said...

Just 45 minutes away, I awake every morning witb a terrible sense of dread, I stand in the shower and cry as the hot water unknots my muscles, and I search my senses for hope. I'm not eating or sleeping well, I break out in uncontrollable trembling and nothing - no movie or book or even art - serves to distract me from the grief. The terror ebbs and flows, but never truly disappears. This feels like some terrible and bleak combination of 9/11, JFK's assassination, and death of my beloved. I know I will learn to live witb the hole that has been rent in my soul, but the integrity has been breached and my soul will never be the same.

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