Monday, March 23, 2015

Bird Watching in the High Country

Made a quick trip to see my parents, who are getting older and beginning to have a few little health challenges. Not quite as mobile as in the past, however their love of nature, and birds in particular, has not faded. 

We made a trip one afternoon with Mom to her favorite birding spot. This is a view across the lake from at our first stop, as we looked at snow geese and ducks. 

Another view as the sun was poking through the clouds... I was delighted it came out as sparkles!
 We were watching ruff legged hawks soaring around... the first one was at a distance and, of course, directly into the sun. I took a shot anyway, and got a wonderful prism. A reminder that all will be well.  
If you look closely, you can see the hawk as a little black spot at the right of the first cloud on the left under the sun. 

Here he is a bit closer...

The best part of birding in gorgeous scenery.... even if you miss the bird, you still get an amazing photo. :) 

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