Tuesday, September 10, 2013

What's in my Studio

This week I've been working on some abstract gesso and watercolor paintings, inspired by my garden... The sunflowers are in full glorious bloom! (Have I mentioned I'm quite fond of sunflowers?)

Here are a couple of the works in progress.

The flowers textures are gesso "paintings". I'm in the process of adding watercolor paint on top of the gesso. A few more layers, and then the finishing work begins. This technique was learned from Carla Sonheim.

I'll have finished pieces to share shortly. 


MeOfCourse said...

Hi Helen. Hope all is good with you. I like the way it's looking. Gesso has a way of adding lots of texture. I like it. Have a great day.:)

VonnyK said...

Your flowers are looking fabulous. I'm just learning about gesso and I love the texture you get. Your colours are beautifully bright.

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